Professional Tile Grout Cleaners

tile cleaners proWe developed a hybrid cleaning solution that can be used on residential or commercial floors and hard surfaces, indoors and outdoors. Our products are guaranteed to remove the toughest stains, bacteria and odor from your tile floors, renewing their overall appearance. Our cleaning solutions are people and pet safe! We guarantee our products to deliver the best result possible and we back it up with our satisfaction guarantee!

As with any surface, tile & grout is porous and will lock in dirt and bacteria. Soon after, your floor can become a hazardous pool of bacteria and begin to have odor problems. The odor issues are caused by the bacteria feeding and growing on your floor. The food source can be many different things such as residue from spills, food contamination, pet urine, animal feces and pet dander. Homes with pets typically have more severe odor issues due to pet urine, feces, dander etc...and must be handled properly or the issues can get worse. If left dirty and untreated health problems can occur! Especially, with young children that play on the floor.

Typical health conditions are the common cold (runny nose & sore throat etc…) and can spread through your home. These symptoms can often be decreased dramatically by having your tile & grout cleaned regularly. Some other issues are yellowing of the tile’s surface (typically lighter colored tile) and darkening grout lines. Therefore, the clean-up process can become more expensive and costly.When there is tile & grout in the bathroom, product and makeup spills can easily become trapped in the floor crevice. Makeup has many pigments and various textures, and the more you rub the stain on the tile & grout, it seems to hold onto the color. It’s imperative that you use the right cleaning solution and process, in order to not affect your tile’s aesthetics. Whether you clean your tile & grout yourself or hire a professional company, regular cleaning is recommended.

With our tile and grout steam cleaning, pre-treating trouble areas is included. Pre-treatment will allow the solution to start breaking down the stains and soiling on your floor in preparation for the high pressure clean and rinse. Your certified technician will only use the most advanced cleaning products and professional equipment when caring for your tile floors.

Our skilled technician will also clean the grout lines. If you have light-colored grout, you know how easily it can show dirt. Grout is notoriously difficult to clean. The permeable nature of the grout seems to capture every speck of dirt and grime that gets tracked through your kitchen or bathroom. Dirty grout is the bane of any housekeeper’s existence! Mopping frequently helps keep your floors clean, but is not enough to get deep into the grout lines. Swiping the surface can only do so much. Even if you wash the floor everyday, stained grout can really make your home look dirty and unkempt.

The bacteria and odors trapped in the tile and grout will also spoil any living space. We guarantee your tile and grout floor will be clean, sanitary and smelling fresh because deodorizer is already included in Aqualux’s tile service Plus our powerful, steam cleaning system and specially developed tile cleaner is guaranteed to remove stains. We stand behind our process and are so confident in the abilities of our highly skilled and trained technicians.

As always, you can trust us to provide only products that are safe for use in homes with pets and children. Plus our process has a fast drying time so you can get on with your life and enjoy clean, germ free tile floors! Why waste time with buffers or mops? Who wants to get down on the their hands and knees, scrubbing with a toothbrush? Our way guarantees on-time arrival! Save yourself time and some seriously hard work, only to end up with lackluster results. Instead call us for the heavy duty cleaning power needed to really get your tile and grout sparkling and looking like new!

Over time, your grout can fade or begin to show imperfections. Discolored grout can really age the look of your floor and bring down the overall quality of your living space. Postpone a major overhaul! A great alternative to re-grouting is a super effective clean, followed by a color sealant of the grout lines. This will rejuvenate your tile floors, providing a polished and uniform appearance. Even if you just want to try a different color to update your home interior design, this is an exciting option.

In addition, grout sealant helps to repel soiling and stains, so it won’t get dirty as quickly. This protective coating on your grout lines will make everyday clean-up easier and you can keep the grout looking new much longer! We offer clear or color sealant for your grout lines. Call today and get 10% off with any tile cleaning job.